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How to Treat Whiplash?

Medical Treatment:
  • Do not rest your neck for a long time if you have whiplash - it is an important
  • Keep your neck mobile will improve its movement and speed up recovery
  • Avoid using neck brace or collar
  • Try some controlled neck exercises may help to reduce stiffness
Following things can help to reduce pain and aid recovery:
  • Do not use more than one pillow and do not sleep on your front
  • Keeping your back straight to always maintain a good, upright posture while sitting, standing and walking
  • Hold an ice pack or a frozen peas bag wrapped in a towel will also work to your neck for up to 10 minutes several times a day (for first few days)
  • Hold a warm hot water bottle to your neck for up to 15 minutes several times a day (after a few days)
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. Your GP can recommend a stronger painkiller, such as codeine in severe cases
  • If your symptoms keep continuing for several weeks, physiotherapy may be recommended