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How to Treat Typhoid?

Things to note:
  • Transfusion is indicated for severe haemorrhage.
  • Replace fluid and electrolytes.

Medical Treatment:
  • Ciprofloxacin, oral, 500 mg 12 hourly for 10 days.
If oral therapy not possible , start with:
  • Ceftriaxone, IV, 2 g daily.
Stool cultures must be repeated at weekly intervals after convalescence to ensure that a carrier state has not developed. Two consecutive negative stool cultures are required to exclude carrier state. This is of vital importance in food handlers, who must not be permitted to return to work until stools are negative.
Chronic carriers:
  • Ciprofloxacin, oral, 750 mg 12 hourly for 6 weeks.

When to refer:
  • Surgical consultation for complications such as intestinal haemorrhage, bowel perforation threatening or metastatic infection with or without abscess formation and peritonitis localisation.