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How to Treat Temporal Arteritis?

Medical Treatment:
  • Treat with steroid medication, usually prednisolone
  • Before temporal arteritis is confirmed, treatment will be started because of the risk of vision loss if it is not deal with quickly
  • An initial high dose of steroids for a few weeks - to help bring your symptoms under control
  • A lower steroid dose (after your symptoms have improved) given over a longer period of time, possibly several years
  • For the rest of their lives, a small number of people may need to take steroids
  • Have regular follow-ups - to see how you are doing and check you may have any side effects
  • Do not suddenly stop taking steroids (unless your doctor tells you to) because it makes you very ill
  • Some other type of medications such as bisphosphonate therapy, immunosuppressants, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), low-dose aspirin