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How to Treat Sinusitis?

Things to note:
  • In all cases, paranasal sinus radiography, preferably by CT scanning, should be done.
  • Sodium chloride spraying or nasal cavity irrigation can provide symptomatic relief.

Medical Treatment:
  • Ceftriaxone, IV, 2 g 12 hours of reference time.
Topical nasal decongestants, e.g:
  • 0,05 percent intranasal oxymetazoline, given 8 hours a day.

When to refer:
  • The prophylactic.
  • Ophtalmoplegia.
  • Refer to the center where an appropriate surgical specialist, i.e., after initiation of antimicrobial therapy. There is an ophthalmologist, ENT specialist or neurochirurgist.
  • Fungal sinusitis suspected.