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How to Treat Scarlet Fever?

Medical Treatment:
Do the following things by yourself to relieve symptoms of scarlet fever:
  • Drinking cool fluids
  • Eating soft foods to ease a sore throat
  • Taking painkillers like paracetamol
  • Do not give aspirin to children who are all under the age of 16
  • To stop itching by using calamine lotion or antihistamine tablets
  • Antibiotics will be prescribed; it does not cure scarlet fever, but they will help you quickly get better and reduce the risk of serious illnesses (such as pneumonia)
  • Continue to take antibiotics until they are finished, even if you feel better
  • If you or your child does not get better in a week after seeing a doctor, particularly if your child has recently had chickenpox, or has scarlet fever symptoms, see your doctor