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How to Treat Rickets?

Medical Treatment:
  • Rickets and osteomalacia is treated by increasing a child intake of vitamin D and calcium
  • Calcium and vitamin D levels can be increased by eating more foods containing calcium and vitamin D
  • Increase the amount of time your child spends outside as the sunlight helps our bodies to make vitamin D
  • Your GP will give you more guidance about how much vitamin D and calcium your child needs to take (depends on their age)
  • If your child has a bone deformity caused by rickets, your GP may recommend treatment to correct it
  • It includes surgery
  • For the treatment of hypophosphate rickets, a combination of phosphate supplements and a special form of vitamin D is needed, where a genetic defect causes abnormalities in how kidneys and bones deal with phosphate
  • If you have osteomalacia - the adult form of rickets that causes soft bones
  • Treatment with supplements will usually cure the condition
  • Continue to keep taking vitamin D supplements regularly to prevent it.