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How to Treat Rhino Virus?

  • Rhinovirus causes the common cold. Starts with a runny nose, sore throat, and sneezing and develops into headache, cough, and muscle aches. Most rhinovirus infections are mild, but they can sometimes lead to bronchiolitis and pneumonia – especially in babies.
  • It can spread person to person. So, stop the spreading. Isolate yourself, and use a mask and wash your hands.
  • Just managing the symptoms is often adequate. However, for any fever, use acetaminophen or paracetamol. Drink warm fluids and keep yourself hydrated. For any worsening symptoms, or severe symptoms, see a doctor straight away. This includes wheezing, difficulty in breathing, uncontrolled fever, loss of appetite, drowsiness, ear symptoms, or any other worsening symptoms.