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How to Treat Organophosphate Poisoning?

Things to note:
  • Skin and clothing decontamination, if applicable.
  • Keep air and circulation adequate.
  • Due to excess nicotine effects, ventilation support in the ICU may be required.

Medical Treatment:
Atropine, IV infusion, starting dose of 2 mg / h
  • 10 mg 0.9 percent in 200 mL of sodium chloride given over 5 hours as a controlled infusion.
  • Assessing degree of atropinization by increasing pupil size( not monitoring continuous pupil size atropinization), pulse rate, bronchial secretions and salivation.
  • Continuous IV infusion of 0.05 mg / kg / hour may be necessary.
  • Do not abruptly stop atropine therapy. Wean at a rate not exceeding 1-2 mL / hour. During this stage, it is important to monitor the patients condition as a worsening occurs usually a few days after ingestion.