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How to Treat Nodular Nonsuppurative Panniculitis?

  • Affecting legs and feet mostly, it causes tender inflamed lumps under the skin caused by inflammation of subcutaneous fat.
  • It causes redness, inflammation, edema, joint pains, and abdominal pains.
  • Once Secondary causes excluded, then this can be the diagnosis.
  • No definitive treatment is available. However, steroids are used for flare-ups. Pain killers like Diclofenac for pain. Spontaneous remission is also known. Other drugs not proven which are used include hydroxychloroquine, azathioprine, thalidomide, cyclophosphamide, tetracycline, cyclosporin, mycophenolate, and clofazimine.
  • This disease is known for recurrence and any organ involvement like heart or intestines may lead to an early death.