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How to Treat Nail Problems?

Medical Treatment:
Do the following things for common nail problems by yourself:
  • Clean the nails using a soft nailbrush
  • Do not cut your nails down the edges
  • If your hands are often in water, wear rubber gloves or you regularly use cleaning products
  • Use hand cream on your nails and fingertips and trim your nails regularly (after a shower or bath, it may help to cut nails)
  • Do not wear shoes that pinch your toes, especially when exercising
  • Cut injured, loose nails back to where they are still attached (this helps them to return to normal growth)
  • Do not ignore your skin fungal infections (like athletes foot)
  • Do not bite or pick the nails or skin around them
  • If your skin has become sore, red, swollen and warm around your nails (paronychia) or you do not know why a nail has changed its shape, changed its color or fall off, or it is too hard to cut your nails or you cannot reach them, contact your GP or podiatrist