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How to Treat Leukoplakia?

Medical Treatment:
  • It is not always necessary to treat leukoplakia, but you will have regular check-ups to make sure the patch does not get bigger
  • The patch may get smaller or go away if you stop smoking and reduce the intake of alcohol
  • Sometimes an operation is necessary to remove the patch if there is a risk that it may become cancerous
  • There are a number of ways to remove the patch, including using a laser or surgical scalpel. Afterward, your mouth should heal quickly
Do the following things to prevent the leukoplakia and mouth cancer:
  • Have regular dental check-ups
  • Use good oral hygiene to keep your mouth and teeth healthy
  • Do not drink more than the recommended alcohol
  • Make sure they fit properly if you wear dentures
  • Do not chew tobacco, paan or betel nuts
  • Eat a balanced diet - including a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables