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How to Treat Hepatitis Viral?

Things to note:
Acute hepatitis
  • Bed-rest until acute phase is over.
  • Avoid alcohol during the illness and for at least 6 months after clinical recovery.
  • In cases of hepatitis B serologically screen sexual contacts. If they are seronegative (Anti-HBs negative) then they should receive hepatitis B active immunisation.

Medical Treatment:
For nausea and vomiting:
  • Metoclopramide, IV/oral, 10 mg 8 hourly as required.
Hepatitis B virus: prophylaxis following exposure e.g. needle stick injury
  • Persons at risk can be protected by passive immunisation with hyperimmune serum globulin prepared from blood containing anti-HBs.
  • It is essential that all categories of healthcare workers (HCW) who are at risk of exposure, including cleaning staff, be fully vaccinated against hepatitis B.
  • All exposure incidents must be adequately documented for possible subsequent compensation.
  • Recommended post-exposure prophylaxis for hepatitis B in HCW. HbsAg: hepatitis B surface antigen HbsAb: hepatitis B surface antibody HBIG: hepatitis B immune globulin.
  • HBIG and the first dose of vaccine to be given simultaneously, but at different sites.
  • If the delay in obtaining HBsAb results is more than 24 hours initiate treatment as for vaccinated AND HBsAb < 10 units/mL.