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How to Treat Conscious Disorders?

Medical Treatment:
Treatment can not guarantee to recover from an impaired consciousness state. It can involve:
  • Exercising their joints gently to prevent them from becoming tight
  • Keep cleaning their skin, teeth, and mouth
  • Provide nutrition via a feeding tube
  • Giving chances for periods of meaningful activity - such as listening to music or watching TV, showing pictures or listening to family members talking
Sensory stimulation
  • In some cases, in an attempt to increase responsiveness, a treatment called sensory stimulation can be used
Sensory stimulation examples include:
  • Touch (holding their hand or stroking their skin with a different type of fabrics)
  • Hearing (talking or playing a favorite song)
  • Visual (showing family and friends photos, or a favorite movie)
  • Smell (place flowers in the room or spray a favorite perfume)
How effective sensory stimulation is not completely clear, but it is sometimes considered worthwhile