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How to Treat Angioedema?

Things to note:
  • Stop all suspected agents, for instance. Inhibitor of ACE.
  • Early airway management is essential for angioedema with airway obstruction. If the oedema is extensive or progressing, a definitive airway shall be established.
  • The most expert available person must deal with airway interventions.

Medical Treatment:
  • Adrenaline( epinephrine) 1:10 000, slow IV, 0.5 mg immediately in severe cases of airway obstruction
Intravenous fluids
Set an intravenous line:
  • 0,9 percent sodium chloride, IV.
  • Adrenaline( epinephrine), IV slow, immediately 1:10 000 0,5 mg.
  • Adrenaline( epinephrine) in the lateral thigh 1:1 000, IM 0.5 ml. Not in subcutaneous conditions.
  • Hydrocortisone, IV, 200 mg, as a single dose immediately.
  • Oxygen if bronchospasm.
  • Nebulised salbutamol, 5 mg diluted with 0.9 percent sodium chloride to a total 5 mL volume.
  • Nebulisation at 6-8 l / minute flow rate.
If you have itch:
  • Cetirizine, oral, 10 mg per dose
Antihistamines, for instance. H2 antagonists and cetirizine, e.g. Ranitidine can play a role when angioedema is caused by allergies or other inhibitors of ACE.
  • A single dose of hydrocortisone, IV, 100 mg.