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How to Treat Alcohol Poisoning?

Medical Treatment:
If you suspect alcohol poisoning, immediately to request an ambulance. While you are waiting:
    • Try to keep them sitting up and awake
    • Give them water if they can drink it
    • If they have passed out, lie them on their side in the recovery position and check they are breathing properly
    • Keep them warm
    • Stay with them and monitor their symptoms
  • Never leave a person alone to sleep it off. The level of alcohol in person blood can continue to rise for up to 30-40 minutes after their last drink. This can cause their symptoms to suddenly become much more severe.
  • You also should not give them coffee or any more alcohol, put them under a cold shower or walk them around. These will not help someone sober up and may even be dangerous.
How alcohol poisoning is treated:
In the hospital, the person will be carefully monitored until the alcohol has left their system. If treatment is required, this may include:
  • Inserting a tube into their mouth and windpipe (intubation)-to open the airway, remove any blockages and help with breathing
  • Fitting an intravenous drip, which goes directly into a vein to top up their water, blood sugar and vitamin levels
  • Thin tube to their bladder to drain urine straight into a bag so they do not wet themselves