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How to Treat Adenoids And Adenoidectomy?

Medical Treatment:
  • A child adenoids can sometimes become swollen or enlarged.This can happen after a bacterial or viral infection, or after a substance triggers an allergic reaction.
  • Swollen adenoids cause only mild discomfort in most cases, and there is no need for treatment. It can cause severe discomfort for some kids, and interfere with their daily lives.
If your child has adenoids may need to be removed:
  • Breathing problems: Your child may have trouble breathing through his or her nose and may need to breathe through his or her mouth, causing problems like cracked lips and dry mouth.
  • Difficulty sleeping: Your child may have problems sleeping and may start to snore; in severe cases, some children may develop sleep apnoea (irregular breathing during sleep and excessive sleepiness during the day).
  • Recurrent or persistent problems with the ears:Such as middle ear infections (otitis media) or glue ear (where the middle ear becomes filled with fluid).
  • Recurrent or persistent sinusitis:Leading to symptoms such as a constantly runny nose, facial pain, and nasal-sounding speech.