Terms and Conditions for Standard Hospitals

  1. We take adequate care and effort in checking to ensure the safety and quality of the institutions listed, however, the institutions can be adversely affected by the sudden change in infrastructure or staffing turnover or other unavoidable factors.
  2. Dr.Galen can not be held responsible for any mishap or misadventure resulting from the use of the institutions.
  3. Contact us to report any adverse experience or lack of safety in any of the listed institutions and we will take measures to check, amend, or remove the institution.
  4. Dr.Galen reserves the right to add, amend, or remove any institutions when it is presented with reasonable facts/reasons.
  5. This list is not designed to promote, advertise any institutions and the absence of any institutions does not imply a lack of quality or safety.
  6. If any institution can not afford to pay the required fees, then please contact us and we can waive the fees if the institution runs on the basis of charity or not for profit or for some other exceptional reasons.