TC Accreditation

  1. These awards are given on the basis of the information provided by the Health Provider and it is taken as a reasonable reflection of the state of the facilities and services. However, it may not be accurate and Dr.Galen will not be held responsible for any lapses or failures in the service provided.
  2. The information provided would be checked and assessed by various means of electronic information/internet, telephone assessments, patients and staff feedback and any other valid information available either from the government or non-government organizations. Direct inspection of facilities can be carried in liaison with the healthcare facilities.
  3. Dr.Galen would not be held accountable or responsible for any miscommunication, mistreatments or misadventures resulting from the use of the accredited healthcare facilities.
  4. Fees are charged for the awards and they are non-refundable and non-transferable. These charges are for the assessment, evaluation, and presentation for the healthcare facilities award in each category. If the institution fails to maintain the set standards, the award would be withdrawn with no liability and no refunding of fees by Dr.Galen. Bronze Award is charged at 100 dollars for 2 years, Silver Award is charged at 500 dollars for 2 years and Gold Award charged at 1000 dollars for 2 years. Awards are for one physical location and cannot be used for multiple locations.
  5. Different fees for the different awards are to assess the awards at different assessment levels in addition to direct verification of the financial success of the institution.
  6. Awards are valid for 2 years and without further renewal and assessment, it is considered lapsed and not valid.
  7. These awards are purely voluntary on the part of the health care facility and are in no way imposed, or restricted.
  8. Any revision of the status of the award is subject to the required fees and assessment by the accreditation committee of Dr.Galen.