Real Consultation

Our AI site is free and available 24/7. However, if you want to consult with real medical professionals who are vetted and checked by us, you are welcome to choose them by Name, Country or Specialization.  It will cost from $0 dollars for a 10-30 min Video/Audio/Chat Consultation. You will have to make the appointment at a time suitable for you and the doctor/professional. Once you request the time, then you will be notified of the confirmation of the appointment time.

Please be on time for your appointment time. Any delay or non-attendance would still be charged, as the arrangements would have been made and the doctor’s/professional’s time would have been booked. If the Doctor/Professional cannot attend the appointment for any unavoidable unforeseen emergencies, then you will not be charged and you will have to make another appointment with the same doctor/professional or different doctor/professional.

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