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  • Hospital/Clinic/Lab Accreditation

Hospital/Clinic/Lab Accreditation

Dr.Galen Accreditation certificates are considered prestigious acknowledgments of Healthcare Quality as they substantially improve the safety and quality of care.

If you would like to apply for Dr.Galen Accreditation certificate,

We are giving 3 levels of assessment like Gold Award / Silver Award / Bronze Award to the organizations which reach the satisfactory level of assessment and evaluation.

Steps to follow:

  • 1. Fill in your service details (Clinic/Hospital Name, accreditation applying for, choose the type of services, enter your phone number, Select country, Select state, Select city, Pincode, Email)
  • 2. Click to Next button
  • 3. Provide staff safety measurement and facility details.
  • 4. Click to Next button
  • 5. Fill hospital facilities and cleanliness aspects details.
  • 6. Click on – I agree with terms and conditions
  • 7. Next to navigate to the third page – Payment
  • 8. Paypal users – kindly click PayPal and proceed with payment.
  • 9. Normal users – click on Debit or Credit Card and proceed for payment.
  • 10. You will get a confirmation mail
  • 11. Finally, accreditation is done by a health care team with long experience in hospital inspections and assessment.


+1 415 251-2044  feel free to contact our support team for further guidances.

Hospital/Clinic Accreditation