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Accident & Emergency

If you would like to list your Ambulance or Emergency Hospital Services, please follow the steps carefully.

  • 1. Click the “Register Here” link, and in the opening page, please fill in the mandatory details—Ambulance/Hospital Name, pick the Type of your Service, Contact Number, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Website link, and email.
  • 2. Provide the details for the person who is ‘In-charge’: Name, Designation, Contact Number, and email.
  • 3. Click on ‘I agree to terms and conditions’ and proceed to the Payment section.
  • 4. In Payment section, PayPal users click PayPal and proceed with the payment.
  • 5. Other users can click on Debit Card or Credit Card and proceed with the payment.
  • 6. You will get a confirmation email.


Contact our support team at+1 415 251-2044 for further guidance.

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