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Sports Medicine Specialist

Diving, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Shin splints, so on.

Otolaryngologist / ENT

Cervical adenopathy, Red pharynx and tonsils , Turbinate hypertrophy , Nose bleed, Ear fluid, Allergic rhinitis treatments, Acute pharyngitis in adults, Ear fullness, so on.

Pain Medicine

Bone pains, management of specific types of pain, so on.


Coma, Penerating abdoment chest trauma, so on.


Rectal discharge, Abdominal pain, Rectal cancer treatment, Adrenal incidentaloma, Aspiration of foreign body, Portal vein thrombosis, Thyreoid surgery, Breast cancer symptoms, so on.

Hematologist & Oncologist

Anemia, Waldenstroms macrogloblinemia, Very high esr crp or plasma viscosity, Neutropenia, Myelofibrosis, Low haemoglobin, Acute myelogenous leukemia , Polycythemia , so on.

Endocrinologist , Diabetes & Metabolism

Type 2 diabetes, diabetes, so on.


seminoma, Scrotal swelling, Dysuria, Andropause, Semen leakage, Scrotal pain, Epididymal cyst, Small penis, so on.


Spinal cord compression, Brain hemorrhage, Cauda equina syndrome, Subarachnoid haemorrhage, Brain tumour, Glioblastoma , Cervical radiculopathy, Spinal cord injury, so on.


Crohns disease, Dysphagia, Vomiting due to constipation, Acute upper gi bleeding, Vomiting due to gastric irritation, Acute gastrointestinal bleeding, Dyspepsia, Whipple disease, so on.

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