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Pseudohypokalemia, Bulging eyes, Thyreoid function tests , Hyperglycemia, Hypokalaemia, Weight loss, Goiter, Hypothyroidism, so on.


Status epilepticus management, Shock, Complications of flu, Severe electrolyte disturbance fits, Sepsis, Febrile convulsion fits, Sepsis, Appearance suggestive of blood gas disturbance, so on.


Vision loss, Blindness, Flashes, Eye discharge in kids, Retinitis pigmentosa, Hyphema, Kernicterus, Eye strain, so on.

Pain Medicine

management of specific types of pain, Bone pains, so on.


Dry scalp, Pale macule, Dark spots, Blackheads, Finger nail thickening, Pigmented skin, Vitiligo , External genital warts, so on.


Palpitations, Extra heart sounds, Cardiac risk assessment for surgery , Bradycardia, Tachycardia, Murmur, Chest pain, Pots, so on.


Alcohol withdrawal fits, Cacosmia, Vomiting due to increase intracranial pressure, Encephalopathy, Dysarthria, status epilepticus, Tardive dyskinesia, Leg weakness, so on.


Cancer, Diagnosis of metastatic breast tumours, Leukaemic joint deposits, Male breast cancer, Vomiting due to chemotherapy, so on.

Otolaryngologist / ENT

Ear bleeding, Uvula, Rhinoplasty, Adult with neck mass, Earwax, Acute otitis externa, Red pharynx and tonsils , Otitis media with effusion, so on.

Vascular Surgeon

Abdominal loin bruit, Dissecting aortic aneurysms, Calf pain, Peripheral arterial disease, Prominent leg veins with or without unilateral leg swelling, Raynauds phenomenon, so on.

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