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Internal Medicine Specialist

Sneezing, Manganese toxicity, Any flu vaccine side effects, Hypertension in diabetes, Chest wall abnormalities, Urinary frequency dysuria, White tongue, Splenomegaly, so on.

Family Medicine

Smelly penis, Itchy breast, Numbness, Sweaty hands, Crunching neck, Food allergy , Hiccups, Causes of vomiting, so on.


Diagnosis in symptoms, Management in treatment, so on.

Sports Medicine Specialist

Shin splints, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Diving, so on.


Cracked heels, Eczema, Keloids, Itchy finger, Nodular nonsuppurative panniculitis, Photosensitive rash, Trichomycosis, Dry lips, so on.


Coma, Penerating abdoment chest trauma, so on.


Acute lower central abdominal pain, Breast pain, Swallowed foreign object, Abdominal pain, Rectal foreign body, Vomiting due to intestinal obstruction, Post operative wound infection, Thyreoid surgery, so on.


Soft tissue pain, Gout, Polyarticular arthritis, Scleroderma, Seronegative arthritis, Reiters syndrome, Acute monoarthritis, Sjogrens syndrome associated diabetes mellitus, so on.

Endocrinologist , Diabetes & Metabolism

Type 2 diabetes, diabetes, so on.


Reproductive health, Hyponatremia, Metabolic acidosis, Thyroid pain, Hypercalcemia, Weight loss, Thyreoid function tests , Hyperthyroidism, so on.

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