Lab/Hospital/Clinic Terms and Conditions:

1. Labs can voluntarily list their labs for lab testing on Dr.Galen site for the customer’s use and Dr.Galen reserves all rights to list, maintain or remove the labs as deemed necessary. Labs/Hospitals also have full rights to withdraw at any time.

2. Dr.Galen will not ask for any commission or charges from the Labs or Hospitals. Labs/Hospitals can keep their fees fully and will not be required to share. Labs/Hospitals are encouraged to give the best fees possible and also taking note of local regulations.

3. Labs are encouraged to use the URL provided by Dr.Galen for informing the public of the services available hereby.

4. Patient will be charged a small nominal non-refundable service charge for Dr.Galen. The Lab will need to bill the patient/customer locally on arrival and collect the payment from the patient/customer. Then only proceed to do testing. Labs are expected to provide the results in a reasonably quick manner.

5. Labs/Hospitals will give their cooperation and will coordinate with Dr.Galen for the services.

6. If a lab constantly does not provide the service or substandard service, Dr.Galen reserves the right to remove it from the site.

7. Lab will look after the users/patients in their facility when they turn up for the appointment, sticking to the local and national guidelines, and will provide a service that will be on par with the required standards.