Patient/Users Terms and Conditions:

1. Voluntary use of this site by the patients, users, or anyone who requires covid testing for any purposes including government requirements, travel, or medical reasons is on a non-refundable fee’s basis. Fees vary from lab to lab and country to country.

2. Users are advised to check their dates and preference of labs and their location before proceeding to book the covid testing.

3. Covid tests like all other tests are limited by their sensitivity (ability to pick up) and their specificity (the ability to point it correctly). False negative and positive tests can happen and Dr.Galen or the labs are not liable for these errors or any other unforeseen errors.

4. All tests will be sent to the users as soon as possible electronically and usually within 24hrs. Please check your working email inbox as well as spam folders.

5. Dr.Galen or the labs would not be liable for any actions or procedures resulting from positive or negative test results.

6. You take the covid testing in your choice of labs, absolving Dr.Galen and partners of any liability resulting from using the site, taking the test, and the test results.

7. If you are not sure about the test and the results and its requirements or implications, please check WHO ( or various government sites( for your own confirmation. Dr.Galen or the labs would not be able to advice about the tests, validity, or requirements.