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Leg oedema, Skin ulceration, Skin problem, Skin lesions, Keloids, Lichen nitidus, Paederus dermatitis , Red nose, so on.

Critical Care Medicine Specialist

Cardiac arrest fits, Choking in adults, so on.

Plastic Surgeon

Abdominal striae, Breast uplift, so on.

Neonatal asphyxia, Tonsillectomy in children, Roseola infantum, Baby vomiting, Tonsillitis, Choking child , Tympanostomy tubes in children, Mermaid syndrome, so on.

Family Medicine

Bowel sounds, Agi, Not hungry, Wolf-hirschhorn syndrome, Pustules, Fatigue, Muscle pain, Hotwater burn, so on.

Internal Medicine Specialist

nausea and vomiting, Deep venous thrombosis, Sneezing, Lymphangiosclerosis, Pressure ulcers, Lyme disease, Slow fever, Viral infections, so on.


Diabetes in children, Night snoring child, Neonatal asphyxia, Tympanostomy tubes in children, Adhd, Hypertension in teenager, Impetigo, Wilms tumour, so on.

Maxillofacial Surgeon / Oral Surgeon

Incisive papilla, so on.

Endocrinologist , Diabetes & Metabolism

Type 2 diabetes, diabetes, so on.


Asthma, Small cell lung ulcer, Granulomatous lung disease, pneumothorax, Suspected asthma in adults, Hemoptysis, Abnormal hilar shadowing streaky, Solitary pulmonary nodule, so on.

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