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Accident & Emergency
Save Lives and Loved Ones!

Quick access for Ambulance Services. Then, Choose your hospitals.

             Save Lives and Loved Ones! “Quick access portal for Ambulance Services and Emergency Hospitals”
Head injury, bleeding, heart attack, accident, collapse, trauma, infections and many other life-threatening conditions and emergencies can happen unexpectedly.

You may be in your own hometown or travelling. It may happen to you, your dear ones, or strangers. Emergencies can happen in unfamiliar places or unfamiliar countries.

What can you do in those situations? Would you have the knowledge of nearby hospitals? Whether or not they have emergency rooms? Do you know how to get there? Whom do you call?

Our online consulting portal makes life so much easier by providing access to local ambulances and information on the local hospitals with emergency rooms and emergency doctor services. All you have to do is click the "Emergency Call" red button.
It provides you the availability of Emergency Rooms—24/7, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and Pharmacy. You can save lives!

Download our mobile app, now available for iOS and Android. Be in control when you find yourself or anyone in an emergency.

Also, Get Global access to Ambulance & Emergency Hospital. It provides the availability of Emergency Room - 24/7, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Pharmacy. Click Here Global Ambulances & Emergency Hospitals

If you would like to list your Ambulance or Emergency Hospital Services, Please drgalen A&E Register here
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