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Free Registration as a doctor/ Medical Professional:

  • - Create your doctor profile for Telehealth/Telemedicine services.
  • - Get a new private dashboard to view your pending and upcoming appointments.
  • - Consult your patients via text, Audio and Video call.
  • - Enhance your revenue with paid online consultation.
  • - Consult Online and Write E-Prescription/E-Medical Certificate.
  • - Connect digitally to millions of patients and ensure your reputation in healthcare.

Requirements for free registration:

  • - Register with your active email and contact number for further follow-up.
  • - Ensure to select your city, state and country.
  • - Attach your professional Photo not exceeding than 5kb.
  • - Attach your license and Degree certificates.
  • - Edit your profile seamlessly and effortlessly with us.
  • - Check for your profile information and edit your profile in your doctor dashboard.
  • - Feel Free to edit your information that matters to your patients like fees, experience and many more.
  • - Ensure to keep your information up-to-date and with ease.

Know about Patient feedback:

  • - Know about you and your consultation feedback through Dr.Galen doctor dashboard.
  • - Respond to their feedback and increase your credibility.
  • - Let everyone read the great feedback patients leave for you.

Download our Dr.Galen App:

  • - A powerful app for your growth and practice.
  • - Join us in revolutionizing healthcare delivery through technology and be a part of the next big thing in healthcare.