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Hospital Accreditation

Quality check of health care facilities like Hospitals, Clinics/Polyclinics and Laboratories. Click to see the Hospitals/Clinics/Labs which has fulfilled the Accreditation Standards. Standard Hospitals



To add some info about your service.



To Assess the quality of your service.



Healthcare Award for Safety, Quality & Efficiency!

Get your Award & Show your Quality and Care commitment!

Steps to Follow

  1. Register your Hospitals/Clinics/Laboratories for Hospital Accreditation.
  2. Accreditation is done by health care team with long experience in hospital inspections and assessment.
  3. Gold Award / Silver Award / Bronze Award are given to the organizations which reach the satisfactory level of assessment and evaluation.
  4. Awards are provided to reassure the patients and public, that the institutions are credible and safe.
  5. These awards provide a stamp of approval for the health care provider without much hassle and is held at high esteem.

Registration For Hospital Accreditation

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    Local patients only Overseas patients Referral center

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